About us

America is at a critical crossroads. The nation has never been more in need of principled and effective leadership at all levels in public and private sectors. Without a renewal of such leadership individual freedom and personal responsibility as core values as well as economic prosperity may not prevail in the future.

Currently too little of what is offered as leadership education in the United States promotes principles and service as well as effective leadership skills. Leadership tenets such as integrity, decisions skills, placing others interests before the self, and responsible behavior are too often ignored in many educational arenas.

The Greenbrier Leadership Institute is a nonprofit educational institute formed in 2008. Our mission is developing principle based leaders for the 21st century in both public and private sectors. Increasing the supply of such leaders is essential to reverse the trend of poor and ineffective leadership that has become prevalent in so many facets of our society. ‘Principle Based Leaders’ are men and women whose leadership influence is founded upon integrity, service and character. The Greenbrier Leadership Institute serves organizations as well as individual clients to build such leaders.

The Greenbrier Leadership Institute was formed by the alumni of the former Greenbrier Military School. Over the long history of GMS our graduates have demonstrated an unusually high proportion of achievers in leadership roles within public and private sectors. Several have served in executive leadership positions in business, education, public service, institutions of science and technology, the armed services, and as entrepreneurs.

We have extensive experience working and consulting in private and public sectors on leadership program development and delivery, leadership coaching, and organization development. We provide live, online, and written programs, courses and books with focus upon practical skills that translate directly to participants and graduates specific needs.  

Our participants and graduates learn how to build in themselves and others timeless leadership qualities and abilities such as:

  • Integrity
  • Vision
  • Communications
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Confidence
  • Sound Decision Making
  • Personal Accountability
  • Mutual Respect

These qualities and abilities are foundational for leadership success in the 21st Century.