Frequently Asked Questions


1 - What is the Greenbrier Leadership Institute?

The Greenbrier Leadership Institute is an educational institution that develops and delivers leadership programs and educational resources that promote character and enhanced leadership skills for both adults and students. The programs include various live seminars as well as DVD supported program learning, online educational resources and consultative services. The Greenbrier Leadership Institute was formed by the alumni of the former Greenbrier Military School. All programs and resources developed by the Institute encourage excellence in leadership and character in all who benefit from its services.

2 - I have a classroom of students. Do you do work with schools?

We have provided numerous live programs for public school districts. We can work with schools with students at any age developing programs tailored to specific interests keyed to the students learning requirements.

3 - In what ways could the Greenbrier Leadership Institute assist me with Leadership?

The Greenbrier Leadership Institute would be able to assess both your individual leadership development needs as well as those of groups in your organization. We can then offer online and in-person tools and techniques as well as programs to address specific requirements.

4 - What is Principle Based Leadership?

‘Principle Based Leadership’ is first and foremost about service to others. Principle based leaders assume positions of responsibility or authority fundamentally because they are responsible individuals by nature and have a desire to benefit others and make constructive contributions. They naturally assume roles that will have positive value beyond their personal interests. The principles such leaders embody, which are grounded in character with integrity at the center, represent the noblest nature of the human spirit.

5 - Who would I contact for more information?

Contact Colonel Beaman Cummings of the Greenbrier Leadership Institute at

6 - Other than Leadership, are there any other areas the Greenbrier Leadership Institute works with?

In addition to programs and services which focus upon leadership we also have programs addressing specific subjects such as management, organization and planning, strategic skills and time management.

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