Greenbrier Leadership Institute Assessments

GLI Tools ImageThe following assessments and exercises are for use with the Principle Based Leadership program. Each exercise and assessment may be applied individually or within the context of specific programs. We recommend the user print out the exercise in hard copy format and complete all items as directed.

Delegation Skills Assessment

This self-rating enables participants to identify important areas for improving how they use delegation in supervisory, management and executive roles.

Leadership Behavior Index

The LBI targets specific behaviors for strengthening value and results in leadership contexts.

Leadership Style Inventory

The LSI identifies the most natural leadership style of the participant and how it may be used more effectively as well as balanced with complementing leadership behavior.

Peer Assessments

This tool is designed to assist persons in leadership positions to gain systematic and confidential feedback from peers, subordinates and those in positions above.

Time Management Assessment

The TMA targets specific activities that improve effectiveness, set priorities and manage time more efficiently.

Universal Leadership Qualities Assessment

The ULQ is a self-assessment exercise for identification of primary leadership abilities that apply across most leadership positions and roles.

Managerial Behavior Index

The Managerial Behavior Index (MBI) is a behavioral assessment of managerial skills.